A personal narrative on the aftermath of my sixth and most severe concussion, my fall from grace, and ultimately, the death of my victim mindset.

I. Prelude

To be honest, Seau and Hernandez gave me quite the scare.

For a long time, I believed this was my burden to bear.

But alas, my recent endeavors have made me aware,

That this journey is my gift to share.

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II. Impact

One minute and forty seven seconds later.

My eyes are locked shut, but waves of neon color swirl in my sightline, and a repressed ringing sound buzzes through the back of my left ear.

A bead of sweat dribbles down my forehead, over my left eye, and eventually, I taste its salty essence as it lingers…

A wedding for the history books

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Part I.

Shattered glass litters the floor, and clumps of crab meat cling to the wall. Tattered rose petals wilt on the once golden carpet, a small fire from a fallen candelabra has scorched a tablecloth, and one solo black pump rests abandoned on the dance floor.

Police sirens blare, as the state troopers rush towards the scene.

No one could have predicted that this night, of all nights, would end in this epic chaos.

If only he was not a cheat, if only she did not love for money, if only everyone did as they were told, if only…

A love story

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With fumes of cheap beer hovering in the air, and music so loud you couldn’t hear your own thoughts, I sit fidgeting in the corner of the room on a janky couch, alone.

Until she catches my eye.

Her golden hair swings down her back in two French braids.

Groups of sweaty boys circulate around her, and I cannot stop staring at her mouth working a piece of bubble gum.

Lily Rose, the fantasy of each and every boy in southeastern Wis —

Oh shit.

I think she saw me staring at her.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

I probably look like…

A short story about my Grandma’s battle with Alzheimer’s

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Harsh fumes from burnt snickerdoodle cookies engulfed the living room, but the fighting had finally stopped.

As I fight for fresh air in the smoky room, I stretch out my legs, cover myself in a fuzzy blanket, and slouch prostrate onto the living room couch.

Finally, a moment of peace.


The shouting picks up again.

Ignore it.

The voices grow louder and louder.

Just relax.

Their bellowing voices shake the entire house.

Are you kidding me!

I tear off my blanket, launch myself onto my feet, and march towards the confrontation.

I have to play peacemaker before they rip…

A short, unnerving, insecurity driven, embarrassing, hair-tearing, love story

Photo by Meg Wagener on Unsplash

I want to rip my fucking hair out!

A vanilla candle illuminates the beige walls of my bathroom as I stand on my furry blue bathmat lost in my own reflection.

I peer into my dark brown eyes. They glare back at me. Taunting me.

I look away and gaze at the stapled brown Sally’s beauty bag resting on top of the dirty marble sink.

Should I?

I shift my focus back onto the mirror and examine myself.

Mirror mirror on the wall… why why why did I have to be cursed with this disgusting ratty orange hair?

I hesitate.

A tale of murder, love, and loss

Photo by Sawyer on Unsplash

Part I. Jane

With each agonizing step, blood seeps from my wound and trickles onto the dry dirt.

Come on Jane, it’s right there, maybe 50 more steps.

You’ve come this far.

Don’t stop now.

My torso burns and my legs nearly collapse from under me, but I lug myself forward until I reach the colossal barn door.

Using my last ounce of strength, I yank the rusty wood door sideways, and let my eyes adjust to the cavernous space, spot a storage room stocked with hay bales, and limp towards my makeshift bed for the night.

I choke on…

And an opportunity to explore the brewtiful photography of our friends on Unsplash

1. I lava you so much.

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2. We are mint to be together.

Here are lessons to learn from her ascent

Wikimedia Creative Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0)

As the writer of The Hand Maid’s Tale, Alias Grace, The Edible Woman, Surfacing, and many other literary masterpieces, Margaret Atwood has used her uncanny ability to delve into the oppression of women to develop an astounding collection of fictional literature.

Yet, as talented as Atwood is, she admits to doubting her own writing capabilities and her potential to succeed in the literary realm.

Here are some lessons from her ascent to superstardom.

The art of pissing people off

While pursuing her master’s degree at Harvard, Atwood experienced the rampant sexism of what was at the time an elite sexist boy’s club.

Now, I know that…

A doomsday narrative

Photo by Mike Petrucci on Unsplash

(Part I)

Lost in my research, I lean forward hovering over mounds of data scattered across my desk.

As I complete my final calculations, my heart races.

"Oh my God. OH MY GOD!" I wail audibly.

No calm down. One final check, Walter, don't get ahead of yourself.

Sorting through papers, and recounting my findings aloud, I slowly whisper to myself, "The data clearly shows that the global temperatures for last summer are on average down 1.24 percent, for last fall, 2.49 percent, for winter 4.03 percent, for spring 8.09 percent, and for this summer 16.25 percent. Not only that…

Rising from nothing, achieving the American dream, and losing it all; lessons from the rise and fall of Ted and Christy Ngoy

Photo by Kobby Mendez on Unsplash

After escaping the brutal conditions of Pol Pot’s communist Cambodia, Ted and Christy Ngoy defied the odds, became multi millionaire entrepreneurs, and lived happily ever after.

Until they lost it all.

Here are some lessons from the rise and fall of the Donut King and Queen, Ted and Christy Ngoy.

The Plight of Immigrants

Before rising to success, Ted and Christy Ngoy came from the most dire of circumstances.

While working in Cambodia’s scorching hot rice fields, enslaved Cambodians like Ted and Christy were expected to work from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. every single day without any breaks.

While recalling his experience, Ted…

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